Finally after more than two years, we are finally here. So where is here you may ask? :smile:

Well, honestly this goes back at least six to seven years. Having worked at a few global IT firms for over 10 years, I was seriously contemplating my choices in life, career, etc.

This eventually led me to trying out different things, I had, over the year grown interested in. This led to a journey of self discovery for me. In the last 5 years, I have tried quite a few new things.

  • Started doing Voice-Overs
  • Started hosting Karaoke
  • Do a bit of theater. Try to do at least one play a year
  • Learnt to swim
  • Learnt to Jive
  • Travel more often
  • Adopted two dogs :heart:
  • Started piano lessons (Need more practice)
  • Started surfing lessons (Need more practice)
  • Started to learn Spanish

Now I make it a point to try my hand at something new and learn a new skill every year and also travel a much as I can financially afford.

The objective of this site is pretty simple, I wanted a simple, effective and professional way to be able to present myself, from my work to my passion, to my ramblings, to the world.

This will be my primary platform, where I will update you with what the latest in my life.

So, where do I go from here. Checkout out what I am doing right /now.

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